Brings colour to life - and life to colours

4CC is a unique paper for colour printing by laser technique. 15 years of development has led to a paper that is not only excellent when it comes to its print results, but is also one of the most sustainable papers on the market. For the users who don’t want to compromise with either the results or their concerns for the environment, 4CC is the natural choice.

4CC’s high quality also means better performance:

  • Amazing print quality with vibrant colours
  • Sharp well-defined images and text
  • Excellent runnability
  • Great opacity – the print doesn’t show through on the other side

In short – 4CC makes sure you get the most out of colour printing

A wide range of functions

4CC is the ultimate multifunctional paper for a wide range of needs as well as machinery. Its smooth surface, supreme formation and exceptional whiteness interact to produce vibrant colours, amazing contrasts and excellent text legibility.

The 4CC range has been specially developed to create a huge selection of materials:

  • Personalised print-on-demand material
  • Presentations, brochures, leaflets, reports and catalogues
  • Cards, handouts, letterheads - pre-printed or otherwise
  • Quality documents, calendars, folders, magazines.

In fact, 4CC is ideal for just about any application that needs colour to communicate.


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