Evercolor is an exciting range of coloured papers that are 100% recycled. The Evercolor range has excellent dimensional stability which ensures excellent machine running at all speeds. Furthermore the technology and strict control used during all stages of production guarantee a faultless runnability and reproduction, with sharp and contrasted prints. 

Available in:

● Blue ● Canary ● Cream ● Green ● Pink ● Salmon

Ideal For:

● Reports ● Presentational ● Flyers

Suitable for the following print processes:

● Laser ● Inkjet ● Volume Printing  


The Environmental Life of Evercolor

The Everbal mill has adopted a unique process for re-using waste paper without de-inking, without chlorine bleaching and without the addition of optical brighteners.

In order to further reduce its ecological footprint, the Everbal mill produces 50% of its energy consumption from biomass.

Waste generated during the production process is much lower that that produced in a mill which de-inks, and their waste is re-used as agricultural fertiliser.

The Everbal paper mill is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for it’s management of quality and the environment.

The Evercolor range is 100% recycled with Blue Angel and APUR certification, and is presented in a clear fully recyclable wrapper. 



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