MultiCopy Colour Laser

The premium paper for all colour laser printers and colour laser copiers.

With its smooth surface, high brightness and superb runnability, MultiCopy Colour Laser produces perfect print results time after time.

Ideal for reports and brochures, MultiCopy Colour Laser is fully guaranteed for pre-print applications.

Multi and the environment

 The Multi range meets many internationally recognised environmental standards. However, there are a number of other environmental credentials that are of note: The raw material used in the production of the Multi range consists mainly of forest thinnings from sustainable forests and chippings from saw mills. Multi is produced at an integrated mill where the pulp and paper is produced on the same site minimising the need to transport pulp.

The mill produces around 95% of its heat energy requirement from renewable bio fuel, manufactured from mill bi-products. In addition the surplus heat from the mill which is located in Nymolla, Sweden supplies the local district heating network, providing heat for around 3,000 homes and civic buildings.

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