SAVE! is a revolutionary paper that gives users the opportunity to improve their environmental performance, whilst saving money and getting good print results.

SAVE! Has excellent bulk and stiffness which ensure trouble free runnability whilst its whiteness gives good readability.

Ideal For:

● Reports ● Internal Communications

Suitable for the following print processes:

● Laser  ● Copier ● Inkjet ● Volume Printing   


The Environmental Life of SAVE!

SAVE! is made using a life cycle approach that minimises its impact on the environment at every stage of production, use and disposal. The unique production process delivers greater environmental benefits and a greener paper.

SAVE! is lighter than the average copy paper and uses fewer resources in the production process.

It is FSC® certified and made using wood from sustainably managed forests.

The paper and packaging can be recycled.

Compared to an average 80 g/m2 copy paper, SAVE!:

  • Uses 19% less wood
  • Uses 38% less water
  • Uses 18% less energy
  • Uses 10% less material in its packaging
  • Generates 25% less emissions to water
  • Generates 31% less emissions to air
  • Generates 18% less waste

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